5 minute speed dating were invented in 1998 in sunny Los Angeles. The idea of speed dating has rapidly spread all over the world, gaining high popularity in Poland.

The idea of 5 minute speed dating is to help men meet women at the table in a pub or club. During a meeting both participants fill up a special questionnaire where he or she indicates a person that he or she would like to meet. If both of them would like to hook up a day after the meeting, we provide them with a phone number or e-mail address, the rest is in their hands! They can continue the relation by meeting up on individual dates.

Many people met the love of their lives, or just their partner during 5-minute-speed dating . Check out their recomenndations in the Galery section. ( link to movies galery).

Through 5-minute-speed dating we offer different types of dates: for christians, heterosexuals, for gay and lesbians and for foreigners. Thanks to the wide variety of different types of dates, each contestant can choose from dates similar to his or her preferences. Thanks to the thematic groups of dates, participants may choose from people of similar views and values, which may result in finding the right partner or love.