1. If you wish to participate in 5 minute Speed Dating meetings organized by www. Randkiw5minut.pl you have to enroll for a meeting through a form available on the Internet website.


  1. The service is an ownership of Creative Crab Ltd.


  1. To be enrolled for a date you are obliged to, at least 2 days before the meeting, make a money transfer accordingly with the money value on the indicated bank account. The organizer will send you a confirmation via mail or text message.


  1. People who would like to participate in Speed Dating are obliged to give their name, last name, phone number and an e-mail address and also indicate the date of a meeting one wishes to join. Collected data will be used in dates purposes and will not be spread in marketing purposes. Information about organized dates and terms of the meetings will be given in the news section on the website and also on Faceook Fanpage.


  1. People who accept the regulations will also need to consent to an option of free usage of their photos in commercial purposes (photos, commercial movies on the website).


  1. During the fun of 5 minutes Speed Dating the participants agree with the will to continue the contact with a chosen person. Given in the form contact data will be handed to participant by the organizer, only to people who unanimously consent to meet each other in the future.


  1. Each participant agrees that all data given in the advertised form is true.


  1. During a meeting smoking is forbidden. Smoking is only allowed during a break between the meetings. Although, participants can drink alcohol beverages such as wine or beer, which is given to every participant as a gift of single payment.


  1. During the whole meeting of 5 minutes Speer dating any consumption of drinks that has been bought outside the facility is forbidden. Meeting are always organized in commercial places, where both alcohol and alcohol free beverages can be provided.


  1. Only adults can participate in 5 minutes’ Speed Dating organized by our service.


  1. In accordance with the article 38 of legal act dated on 30th of May 2014 about the laws of consumer there is no way to renounce from a contract made in a will to join the performance in a strict term of realization, unless the sides decide otherwise.


  1. If one wishes to resign in chosen performance He or She must inform the organizer about it, unless not further than 2 days before the arranged meeting, otherwise the organizer restricts the law to not give the money back or even reject to consent further participation.


  1. Organizer restricts to cancel the meeting after prior informing the participants about it. In other case the fee will be given back.


  1. The organizer is not responsible for the lower number of participants, who arrive at the meeting, than the one given in the meeting plan , offer and the calendar.


  1. Singing up for the 5 minute Speer dating means the one consents to receive commercial materials from the 5 minute speed dating .pl There is of course an option to resign from the subscription via electronic way.


  1. Participants who do not follow up the regulations may not be accessed to participate in 5minute speed dating or even turned out without receiving the costs. These people the organizer may reject participation in following performance for singles organized by Creative Crab Ltd.


  1. Because of the nature of organized events, the organizer may restrict the law to forbid participation of any person, without giving the reason.


  1. The participation in Speed Minute 5 dating is to get familiar with the rules above.